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                  MDNA - Machinery Dealers National Association in Plasticx Universe

                  MDNA - Machinery Dealers National Association
                  MDNA - Machinery Dealers National Association
                  The Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) is a nonprofit trade association whose members buy and sell used capital equipment. Established in 1941 to assure buyers of the integrity and reliability of used machinery dealers that are members of the association, the association represents nearly 500 member companies around the world. The foundation of MDNA is its Code of Ethics. As a condition of membership, MDNA members agree to abide, unequivocally, by the terms of the Code, and renew this pledge annually. The Code is policed by the association's membership. Complaints brought from alleged Code violations are handled by MDNA's Ethics & Mediation Committee. Severe violations have resulted in expulsion from MDNA.The MDNA Buyer's Guide is an invaluable tool to the prospective buyer of used metalworking machinery. The dealers listed in the Guide are experts with a broad range of technical experience and production knowhow. Furthermore, each of the dealers subscribes to the MDNA Code of Ethics, your guarantee of satisfaction.

                  MDNA - Machinery Dealers National Association
                  Alexandria Virginia

                  Contact : Mark Robinson
                  For Further Information,

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