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                  EEI Recycling Inc. - Corporate Office in Plasticx Universe

                  EEI Recycling Inc. - Corporate Office
                  EEI Recycling Inc. - Corporate Office

                  EEI Recycling, Inc. works with generators, collectors, intermediate and final processors, tollers, MRF's, transporters, equipment suppliers, and end-users in developing and implementing post-consumer and post-industrial plastics recycling programs.

                  We deal in all types of normal recovered thermoplastic and engineering grade plastics including scrap, purgings, regrind, repro, off- or wide-specification, and obsolete inventories. We are very active in moving certifiable 'recycled' materials.

                  We take pride in finding new applications and markets for both post-consumer and industrial waste plastics that are currently targeted for disposal. We are focused principally on the U.S. market but also have excellent overseas and export contacts.

                  EEI Recycling Inc. - Corporate Office
                  St. Petersburg Florida

                  Contact : Fritz Regner
                  Contact : Matt Regner
                  Contact : Tomoko Okano
                  Contact : Jack Boyd
                  Contact : Vincent Sottile, Jr.
                  Contact : Mike Phlipot
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